Monday, January 11, 2010


Magnetism between two persons is certainly a wonderful discovery, but the magnetizing of a person by himself, awakening his own lucidity and directing it himself at will, is the perfection of magical art. The secret of this Great Work does not remain for discovery; it has been known and practised by a great number of initiates, above all by the celebrated Apollonius of Tyana, who has left a theory concerning it, as we shall see in the “Ritual”. The secret of magnetic lucidity and the direction of the phenomena of magnetism depend on two things – agreement of minds and complete union of wills, in a direction which is possible and deter- mined by science. This is for the operation of magnetism between two or more persons. Solitary magnetism requires preparations of which we have spoken in, our initial chapter, when enumerating and establishing in all their difficulty the essential qualities of a veritable adept. In the following chapters we shall elucidate further this important and fundamental point.
Eliphas Levi

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