Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Ok so last night i had a dream that i was a comedian. My act was all about how pompous "space" is. Yes, space as in outer space.
Here is (to the best of my recollection my act ( it starts after i had told a few jokes already)
"...So SPACE, sure is big huh? i MEAN COME ON ALREADY WE GET IT! All mighty SPACE, you sure are fucking vast! Everywhere i turn i am hearing just how expansive and amazing SPACE is! And if its not enough that Outer SPACE is sooooooo big, we now have to start looking at INNER SPACE what a crock of shit! Come on! i MEAN WHAT A JERK! I can see SPACE sprawling all over the outer limits , putting its boots up on the Milky Way and shit, thinking to itself, "how else can i fuck with these humans?...Oh yeah, i am going to create "inner space" not even their own mind and atomic mass will be safe from my powers !" {crowd laughs, i pause}
" And you know who saw all the action SPACE was getting wanted a piece, ... TIME! Yeah that's right, now TIME is SPACE! What jerk!"

anyway that was my weird ass dream comedy!

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